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In a non-existential sense

My name is Maddi [Mady/Marry/Medi if you work at Starbucks] and I am a writer, online content strategist & professional-grade schemer. I daresay you will be reading more than enough about my professional life further down this page, but if you would like to delve into the inner workings of my mind (particularly an endless quest to devise the perfect goal-setting strategy and limitless adoration of Scandinavia) you can find my inconsistent yet charming blog below. Please do not hold me responsible for anything published before 2015.



What is Social Scheming

And why is it called that?


First and foremost, Social Scheming is a vehicle for small to medium-sized businesses & entrepreneurs to amplify their online presence and define their unique brand message.

In less pretentious terms and with the most sparse application of buzzwords I can muster, it’s the neatly packaged version of something I’ve been doing for years, namely working for brands as a marketing and online content manager.

I don’t think it’s necessary for every business or entrepreneur to have a full-time social media manager on site, but I do think it’s necessary for them to have some sort of accessible online identity, and that’s where I come in.

While social media and subtly moulding minds through the magic of technology is second nature to me, I have an ever-growing bank of anecdotal evidence that the same can not be said of everyone, and I endeavour to eliminate the stress and guesswork for those individuals and their businesses.

The β€˜scheming’ element comes from my core personality trait, namely the slightly concerning extent to which I am willing to plan things in order to achieve my desired result. I thrive on list making, chart creation and psychological strategy, and it thankfully turns out that proclivity has lent itself nicely to a career in social media, rather than underworld activity or espionage.

Adding into this already beautiful mixture a lifelong penchant for wordsmithery, I also offer features and copywriting, ranging from blog posts and website copy to profile pieces and branded interviews.

I work on a freelance basis and offer a range of package options which you can find here.


A Bit more about me…

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By the time I turned 25 I'd moved continents seven times. 

Home to me is Australia, but more often than not most of my life is either inside a laptop or on the other side of the world, so building myself a career online was probably inevitable.

Living in London, I worked with brands as an in-house marketing manager, online content creator and all-round branding strategist. I've overseen everything from PR, influencer outreach and events to the development of custom online features like branded interviews, bespoke social campaigns and long-form profile pieces.

Combine this experience with my lifelong penchant for scheming (and love of MTV's Catfish), and it's hardly surprising that I ended up addicted to the process of building intricate online identities. For brands. Not catfishing. Mostly.

I started my YouTube channel in 2011, and have been blogging on and off - admittedly with varying degrees of finesse - since I was fifteen. Growing up comfortably cradled in the warm embrace of social media (I am that one friend who actually uses twitter), few things come quite as intuitively to me as interacting with an online audience.

Each brand or individual has their own identity, and a public presence needs to reflect that; what works phenomenally in one case will crash and burn when applied somewhere it doesn't quite fit, and a theoretical knowledge of algorithms and hashtags will only get you so far. Luckily, I also have those bases covered. Even on Pinterest.

Creative scheming is my strongest suit; mix that with social media & a solid aesthetic and we're quite literally in business.

For specific examples of my work, visit my portfolio.


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